The term length is used to refer to the long dimension of an object.
In the fields of engineering and physical science, it is often synonymous with distance and is represented by the symbol L or I. It is regarded as the fundamental quality or element that defines other qualities.

Length is typically used as a system of measurement. The different units of length are utilized to measure the distance traveled from one point to another or simply the length of a fixed object.

Length MeasurementsMeter is considered as the basic unit of length. Technically, this unit is defined as the speed of light in an absolute vacuum. It is endorsed by the International System of Units and is applied worldwide for numerous scientific and general purposes.

Kilometer is also a commonly used unit of length. It is equivalent to one thousand meters and is represented by the symbol km or simply k.

In the Unites States, the units of inch, foot, mile and yard, are the customary units of measurements.

The term inch for instance, is used to indicate a person’s height. It is also used to measure the size of computer monitors and television screens, as well as the diameter of cymbals, pipes, cigars, and loud speakers.