Length is a term often used to refer to the “long” dimension of an object. It is different from other dimensions such as height and width as it generally measures the distance of a fixed object from one point to another.

Length is primarily determined through a measuring system. In the fields of science and engineering, length is denoted through various units such as kilometer, meter, foot, inch, yard, mile, centimeter, and light-year.

length of the armMeter is the most basic unit of length. The International Bureau of Weights and Measures define this unit as the distance and the speed of light in a vacuum. It is commonly represented by the symbol m.

Meter is utilized as a system of measurement for a number of scientific and general purposes. It is used indicate the distance traveled as well as the distance of one place to another.

Another commonly used unit of length is kilometer. It is often used to indicate the distance on most road signs. Kilometer is represented by the symbol k or km.

Foot is another unit of measurement which is used almost everyday. For instance, it is used to indicate an individual’s height or to measure a depth of a water.